Luscan Group

Wine tanks - Sealed Top - AUTOMATIC EMPTYING VAT


. Wellhead
. Double acting safety valves
. Rotating cap watering device
. Reassembly tube with stainless steel ball valve. Temperature prove tube
. Inner sieve
. Level Gauge
. Sample tap
. Stainless steel ball valve for clean product

. Unloading the door with electrical command activation. Stainless steel ball valve for complete product

. Reduction motor for the paddle activation
. Panelboard with commands for reassembly, door

opening, and paddles


. Wellhead Ø900 or Ø1600
. Safety valve calibrated for nitrogen (N2). Shower + recipient
. Cooling jacket
. Thermometer
. Reassembly electrical pump

(rubber turbine or stainless steel helical rotor)