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ROPP - Roll on Pilfer Proof (bottle closure system)

A capping process which attaches the closure onto the bottle through vertical pressure.

A capping process which attaches the closure onto the bottle through rollers that buckle the component of the closure inwards

A capping process which attaches the closure onto the bottle through screwing.

Wine, Liquor and Packaging Products

Aluminum ROPP Screw Caps

The types of closures available on the market are natural corks or technical corks, and alternative closures such as synthetic corks and screwcaps.

ROPP screw caps are an alternative closure to corks made from aluminum material that threads onto the bottleneck with a roll on pilfer proof (ROPP) closure offering a high level of protection (tamper proof ) and provides a functional and easy way to seal a bottle.

As for the liners, there are two types of liners used for wine. Liners determine the control of OTR (Oxygen Transfer Rate) after bottling, protect the integrity of the wine, provide a barrier to aromas and extend shelf life. The most commonly found is one with a metal (tin) layer in its composition, as well as a layer of saranex, which allows very little oxygen transmission. The other is saranex-only, which consists of layers of polyethylene, PDVC and cellulose, though it presents some permeability to oxygen.

Saranex™, Tresylene® and Oenoseal® are the top liner brands most used in the wine and liquor industry..

The largest producers of screwcap and liners for the wine sector have joined forces to launch a new range of patented liners with different levels of oxygen permeability Guala Closures Group and MGJ (Manufacture Génerale de Joints) have developed the “Oenoseal® branded technology” that extends to the entire family of Guala screwcaps for the wine sector.

The WAK cap is a new closure on the market, patented by Guala Closures. The liner (seal) and the capsule are made of the same materials.

The new range of Guala Closures liners is as follows:

Oenoseal® ONYX®
With a layer of aluminum to ensure maximum oxygen impermeability. Designed for delicate white wines and aromatic rosés, with a liner that best guarantees sulfite-free wines.

Oenoseal® IVORY®
Ideal for white, rosé and red wines that require a low but regular supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation). It especially allows the reduction of the amount of free SO2 during bottling.

Oenoseal® CORAL®
Designed for white, rosé and red wines that require a more significant supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation) and reduces problems for wines with high levels of tannin.

Classic screwcap
Divinum® is an elegant roll-on screwcap closure, designed to prevent leakage, and maintain the quality, freshness and full flavour of the wine. It’s easy to open and to re-seal. Bottles can be handled and stored both horizontally and vertically. Another important feature of the product is the decoration, which can be applied to the sides and /or on the top of the closure.

Visible protection
Roll On TE® is the first Tamper Evident system specifically dedicated to standard aluminum closures. Roll On TE® ensures that a coloured plastic ring, which appears after first opening and closing, can’t be removed without visibly damaging the closure. A simple, economic and safe solution to detect tampering of the closure at a glance.

Traditional mood
The WAK® closure combines a unique technology with a traditional look. It matches the famous shape of the wine bottle with the numerous advantages of the latest technologies, such as the elimination of TCA and the ease of opening and re-sealing. The thread is not visible from the outside but it is inserted into the long aluminum shell. It is first screwed on to the finished bottle neck, and then tucked under a standard BVS neck ring. The large uninterrupted surface is ideal for the side printing decoration.

First Quality
Savin Premium® is a top quality screwcap closure with an internal thread for still wines. Its unique shape is reminiscent of normal wine bottle capsules and gives the brand a premium finish. The aluminum inner cap with thread and patented design, not only improves the seal but also gives the closure a very high quality appearance. The larger surface is ideal for side printing/foiling decoration; top decoration can be either printing/foiling or top embossing.

Sparkling wine
VIIVA® is the ultimate closure solution created by Guala Closures to preserve the quality of sparkling wines. Specifically designed and thoroughly tested to withstand up to 150 psi (10 BAR) of pressure, VIIVA® guarantees the perfect seal both before and after the initial opening. The benefits are obvious: it’s safe and easy to use, provides efficient opening and re-sealing functionality to both the end consumer and the HoReCa sector, and improves efficiency for the producer.

Lightly sparkling wine
Moss® is the latest screwcap closure designed for lightly sparkling wine. Its exclusive liner offers great sealing performance and maintains a perfect level of carbonation, protecting the freshness and the sparkle of the drink before it is opened and consumed.


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