Luscan Group

Wine, Liquor and Packaging Products

Luscan Group carries various custom packaging products for cosmetics,
beverage and food industry, cannabis, liquor, wine, etc.


With a vast range of products to offer you, Luscan Group has the right closure for your bottles, from wine to spirits, beer or oil and vinegar. Natural cork from Portugal or synthetic stems. Wood or plastic tops. Your choice, your budget, we’ll listen and work with you to make your dream possible and satisfy your needs.

Our wine corks are made in Portugal with the highest quality cork to better preserve the wine inside the bottle.

Customization is available by ink or fire branding.

Custom Wine & Liquor Bottles

Looking to make your product stand out in the shelves? We specialize in custom bottles. We can make any size or shape, and create something really unique for you. We help you from design concept to final delivery.

Glass liquor bottles

Minimum order is usually around 10,000 bottles for 750ml size and 20,000 pcs for 375ml size.

Decorating options available:

  • labeling
  • screen print
  • baked decals
  • spray paint (gradient, or full coverage)
  • embossing
  • etching
  • frosting (spot or full coverage)

We can also print custom boxes

Wooden Boxes

A handcrafted wooden box made of natural wood serves not only as the perfect protection for your product but as the distinguished display for your best wine or fine spirit. One, two or more bottles, we can custom build the perfect wood box for you and imprint your brand on it either with ink or fire. Your brand will stand out above the crowd with the looks and the quality that you crafted into it attracting the eye of the curious and the ones seeking uniqueness.

Wooden wine boxes


Wine Making Equipment

Various equipment for wine making - frementing tanks, presses, etc. Click on the buttons for more details.

Cannabis Packaging

Luscan Group can offer various packaging options for cannabis products - bags, jars, containers. We can also provide baking mats, rolling paper and other cannabis related products.

Tube Jars

Glass Tube Jars




Champagne Corks

Silicone Containers

Bartop Corks

Mylar Zip lock Bags