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Mohno pumps with loading hopper PM

Mohno pumps with loading hopper PM 


The PM series of single-screw pumps is entirely made of AISI 304 steel: they are suitable for the conveyance of entire, destemmed and pressed grapes, fermented grape-dregs, must as well as various foodstuffs.


The screw which is placed in the loading hopper conveys the product inside the hopper, where the helical rotor pushes it into the outgoing pipes. The PM pumps, through this mechanism, manage to develop considerable pressure ( approx. 6 BAR ).


vitesenzafine Rotor detail


  PM 7 PM 12 PM 22 PM 30
r.p.m. 200 200 200 200
Production 7 Ton/h 12 Ton/h 22 Ton/h 30 Ton/h
Fittings Ø 80 Ø 100 Ø 120 Ø 120

Hopper dimensions

680x700 mm 890x800 mm 890x890 mm 890x890 mm
Weight Kg 140 Kg 185 Kg 250 Kg 315
Motor  Kw 3 Kw 4 Kw 5 Kw 7,5