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Filling Bag In Box BB30


SIMPLICITY: the filling cycle is fully automatic: the machine does the complete cycle of opening, closing, vacuum, saturation with an inert gas, filling. The operator has to place the bag and check the performance of various operations. The touchscreen control panel allows managing the machine in a few second both in the filling, which is washing and sanitizing.


ACCURACY: the control panel allows to manage all phases of filling, adapting the machine to any type of treated liquid (wine, juice, oil, water, cream, etc). The AUTOTUNING function allows the calibration of the machine automatically, to avoid the need to perform numerous samples. Repeatability volumes with an error of ± 5cl.

SPEED: all the automatic operations are set by the operator based on its needs: vacuum time, gas injection times, filling speed, the speed of opening and closing the bag. The choice between two types of pumps with different capacity and the option of a frequency inverter allows to easily reach all the expected goals.

SECURITY AND CLEANING: full protection in the use of machinery with the establishment of a double start button. The equipment is sanitized with a CIP circuit through the special stainless steel fitting and the automatic program. Also is available the version with the high-temperature kit for sanitization with steam at 110 ° C. The locking system ensures total drip by leakage at the end of the fills. Possibility to install the filter housing 10″ with polypropylene cartridge from 0.6 μm: safety of perfect sterilization and elimination of any solid residue inside the bags.

RELIABILITY: the possibility to check manually the working of each single components, ensuring fast repair; use of pneumatic and electronics reliable components, always available in our stores.

OTHER BENEFITS: large desk is designed to allow the simultaneous presence of two operators, and to facilitate the packing of hot liquids; use self-priming pumps; stainless steel adapter for quick insertion of the bags; 7″ display touch screen; oil-free filter for air circuit; floor support for cardboard boxes adjustable in height; multilingual programming (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Croatian); panel control only in stainless steel.