Luscan Group

Peristaltic pumps without hopper


  • Body is stainless steel and EPDM pipe

  • Electronic speed variator

  • panel control

  • n°2 compressor chambers with DIN connection

  • Automatic pressure switch for filling use


The peristaltic pump, available with and without hopper, is the most professional solution for the cellar. It is suitable for the transport of destemmed grapes and fermented grapes, in addition to being used in the filling of small containers (barrels). Standard comes with two compensation chamber and pressure automatic sensor (also with hopper type). The engine is controlled by an electronic inverter, available with remote radio control, which can handle the speed and rotation of the pump. The loading hopper is made of stainless steel, equipped with separate motorization, and transport wheels. The connection to the pump is a DIN fitting.