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Centrifugal pumps ENOS



Centrifugal pump with impeller and body in stainless steel AISI 304. It is particularly suited for use with alimentary liquid (wine, milk, oil, juice, beer,…) and hot liquid (beer).


Equipped with a mechanical seal and reverse rotation, allows the transfer of liquids free of suspended solids. The particular technology used allows a suction also in the presence of discontinuous liquid.

As standard, all models are supplied with a lifting handle and stainless steel hose fittings.

The models available are the following:

 Code  Model  Power  RPM Capacity l/h  Fitting
9202 ENOS 20  KW 0,33 MONOFASE 2800  1680  20
9204 ENOS 25 KW 0,35 MONOFASE 1400  2520  25
9206 ENOS 30 KW 0,65 MONOFASE 1400 3900  30
9210 ENOS 40 KW 0,80 MONOFASE 1400 5300  40



• An electric system with rotation invertors • Mechanical seal Inox-Grafite-NBR
• Driving shaft in Inox AISI 304
• Lifting handle

• Impeller and body in stainless steel AISI 304
• N°2 fittings with a hose in stainless steel and gasket • Suitable to fill HOT LIQUID max. 90 C°
• Certificated for alimentary use


The Enos pumps (110 volts) are manufactured in Italy and will come with a European plug. You will need to re-wire it for use in Canada or USA.