Luscan Group

Clay wine vessels aka Amphoras/Talhas/Potes/Kvevri

They come with clay lids and a threaded hole for the tap at the bottom.

The inside is lined with pine resin and beeswax so as not to lose wine.

Sizes available: 50L, 70L, 120L, 150L,250L, and 350L.

Sizes are approximated since these vessels are handcrafted.

Made in Portugal.

Available as a pre-order only.



 350L  130 cm x 75 cm
 250L  115 cm x 70 cm
 150L   90 cm x 60 cm
 120L   80 cm x 60 cm
 70L    70 cm x 55 cm
 50L    60 cm x 50 cm