Luscan Group

Pomegranates semiautomatic line


Automatic system for juice extraction from whole fruits.


It is composed of:

  • Crusher-separate to break the fruit and separate the arils from the external peel. Available in stainless steel or smelted.
  • Destoner-pulper-separate for juice extraction from the arils and for the separation of the external dry seeds.
  • Screw elevator, or alternatively, volumetric pump: they are used for the automatic connection of the crusher-separate with the pulper.

To watch the video of the product, please click here and then click on “Pomegranates processing line”

Model Engine HP (Kw)  Power Unloading Height Capacity Dimension Weight
4270 0,75 single-phase/ three-phase 1700 mm 1000 kg/h 2200×1100x2000 mm  70 kg