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Destemmer-crusher Favorita 


The destemmer-crusher Favorita is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304.

The speed variator allows optimization of destemming with different types of grapes. The removable stemmer is equipped with adjustable rubber paddles.

A second-speed variator helps to regulate the speed of the loading auger.

The possibility of recovering the first juice.

The legs are adjustable in height.

The pressing unit is provided with adjustable rubber rollers and may be excluded if you want to eliminate the pressing phase.

Diraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita 2


 Diraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita auger Diraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita destemmer Diraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita crusher


Rapid disassembly of drum and destemmer shaft for easier and more accurate cleaning of the machine.

Diraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita openDiraspa pigiatrice Destemmer crusher Favorita smontaggio



  • Internal washing system
  • Collection tank VR
  • Inverter


Production 6-8 Ton/h 12-15 Ton/h 20-25 Ton/h
Motor Kw 2,75 Kw 2,75 Kw 2,75
Hopper 800x690 mm 880x690 mm 880x690 mm
Crushing Unit 560x400x190 mm - Kw 0,55 650x460x190 mm - Kw 0,55 760x460x190 mm - Kw 0,55
Dimensions 1945x830x1440/1685 mm 2090x915x1490/1730 mm 2190x970x1560/1810 mm
Weight Kg 304 Kg 336 Kg 370


Collection tank with gear motor VR

VRF 400x400

  Tank VR
Motor Kw 2,75
Hopper 800x740 mm
Dimensions 800x980x370 mm
Weight Kg 35