Luscan Group

Wine Tanks - Sealed top - Inclined Background Vat with Legs


. Cylindrical load mouth
. Double-acting safety valve
. Rotary fitting plaid irrigation. Reassembly tube with valve

male spherical stainless.
riddle inside.
. Scale level
. Proof tap
. Male spherical stainless valve

clean product discharge
. Rectangular discharge port opening

. Ball valve stainless for

total discharge


. Load mouth Ø900 or Ø1600mm
. Calibrated safety valve for Nitrogen (N2). Shower + water tray
. Cooling jacket
. Tube for the temperature probe
. Door type "Rioja" (750X450mm)
. Reassembly of an electric pump (turbine

rubber or helical rotor stainless). Electrical panel with timer
. Tate-lie (search-light)