Luscan Group



PLC Siemens
Remote assistance kit
Flow meter free way in inox
Electronic panel touch screen type wide 7"

Flowmeter inox , free way type, for steam sanification 120C°and viscous liquid (0.2% accuracy in repeatability

Automatic vauum and nitrogen injection
Automatic loading of the bags
Automatic open close of the faucet
three filling program: manual, automatic, step-by-

Volumetric pump ith rubber impeller and bypass

9300 lt/h capacity
Motorized adjustament of the filling head
Filling of continue bags or single bags with Vitop

faucet or pouch high version
Frame in stainless steel with 4 wheels

and 4 fixing feet
Electronic speed variator for pump
Cleaning fitting for CIP circuit
Inox roller on stand for loading net bag
Inox roller s on stand for filled bag 10 and 20 lt

automatic type
Panel control on separate stand